At Joy Junkie, we are deeply committed to supporting the inspiring and heart-wrenching story of Hope, a tale of resilience in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Hope's life took a tragic turn at just 18 months old when she was abducted and endured a year of harrowing captivity. During this time, she suffered extreme maltreatment, including bloodletting for sacrificial rituals, which deprived her brain of oxygen and caused lasting damage.

Yet, despite these unimaginable challenges, Hope's spirit remains a beacon of light and resilience. She embodies the strength to keep fighting, underscoring the importance of O.U.R.'s mission to rescue and protect vulnerable children. Presently, Hope faces a new battle: severe scoliosis is compressing her lungs - threatening her ability to breathe. An intricate surgery is essential to prevent suffocation, and we're thankful to O.U.R. who has an exceptional medical team ready to perform this life-saving procedure.

O.U.R. is also making comprehensive arrangements for her post-surgery care, including securing a special facility and a specialized team. Preparations for her medical travel to the U.S., including obtaining a visa, are underway.

Your contribution to this cause is not just a donation; it's a lifeline for Hope. It directly supports her surgery and the critical care she'll need afterward. By joining us, you're not only giving to a noble cause but truly transforming the life of this incredibly courageous young woman.

Here's a breakdown of the estimated costs totaling $289,751:

- Medical flight transportation: $30,000
- Evaluation & Workup: $3,594
- Surgical procedure & Professional fee: $52,004
- Diagnostics: $15,193
- Surgical procedure & Hospitalization: $185,000
- Anesthesia: $3,960

Together, we have the power to Transform Tragedy Into Triumph in supporting victims like Hope. This is more than a campaign; it's a mission of hope and healing. Join us in this vital effort.

uniting our efforts to 'light the dark'


A portion of your purchase directly supports O.U.R., making a tangible difference in the lives of Hope and other victims - TRANSFORMING TRAGEDY INTO TRIUMPH


In addition to automatically donating a portion of proceeds, Joy Junkie has contributed $26,000 in in-kind donations to bolster O.U.R.'s valiant efforts.


Let's share the Joy Junkie spirit by taking actions that demonstrate our collective commitment to assist Hope and others like her. Together, we can unite in compassion and "Light The Dark" by helping others become Joy Junkies.