About Us

Welcome to Joy-Junkie, a lifestyle brand and a movement deeply devoted to fostering positive experiences and transformative change. Our mission at Joy-Junkie is to be an unstoppable force of optimism and enthusiasm, rooted in a profound love for humanity. As champions of joy and positivity, we are more than just a brand; we are ambassadors of 'High Vibes' experiences, dedicated to uplifting lives and inspiring positive action. Our unique blend of apparel is designed to radiate Joy, Love, and Purpose, and it plays a vital role in supporting heroic causes like the fight against human trafficking by organizations such as Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.).

At the heart of our community are the Joy Junkies, individuals who live and breathe a lifestyle of joy, love, and purpose. These everyday heroes prioritize enriching experiences and meaningful causes over material possessions. They stand as beacons of hope in dark times, actively combatting human trafficking and lighting up the darkest corners of the world. Every purchase by a Joy Junkie is a pledge to make a difference, to ‘Light The Dark’, and to wear their convictions proudly.

‘Love like a Mother’ encapsulates our ethos, symbolizing a fierce, protective, and empowering love that transcends gender or role. It's a nurturing, resilient force that stands strong against adversity. Furthermore, ‘Love Made Me Do It’ is our heartfelt declaration that every choice we make is driven by a profound commitment to bring light to those in despair, to champion hope and create impactful change. With Joy-Junkie, you're not just choosing a lifestyle; you're embodying a powerful message of love and transformative action.



Operation Underground Railroad

uniting our efforts to 'light the dark'


A portion of your purchase directly supports O.U.R., making a tangible difference in the lives of Hope and other victims - TRANSFORMING TRAGEDY INTO TRIUMPH


In addition to automatically donating a portion of proceeds, Joy Junkie has contributed $26,000 in in-kind donations to bolster O.U.R.'s valiant efforts.


Let's share the Joy Junkie spirit by taking actions that demonstrate our collective commitment to assist Hope and others like her. Together, we can unite in compassion and "Light The Dark" by helping others become Joy Junkies.